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Southeast Asia Trade


focus asiatrade-We focus on 
Southeast Asia Trade


Indonesia is a Southeast Asian country with 17508 islands and a G20 member. It's the largest country of ASEAN both in terms of geographical size and national income.

The Republic is a form of government. It is among the world's most populous countries with a population of about 260 million and is also the most populous Muslim country in the world. The capital is Jakarta on the Cava island.

Indonesia is the second largest biodiversity in the world with untouched natural soils. The people speak the local language called 'Bahasia'.

It has rich natural resources. Major mines; Tin, oil, natural gas, gold, silver, coal. Natural rubber production is common and in wide area

Although agriculture is still the main source of income for the people of today, the national income has started to increase rapidly with the industrialization of the last years.

The country's main food source is rice but a country with a high population is unable to meet it's own rice demand. Two thirds of the country's land is covered with forests, the world's second among forest products. In recent years, petroleum refineries, iron and steel industry, rubber, cement, paper, fertilizer, machine parts, electronic, textile factories are increasing every day in the country.

The country's economy has grown by an average of 5% to 6% per year on average in recent years and the number of foreign investments in the country is increasing each year. The main trading countries are China, Japan, Singapore, USA, Malaysia and South Korea.

focus asiatrade-We focus on 
Southeast Asia Trade


Our company provides life counseling services to those who have decided to settle in Southeast Asian countries such as Thailand, Malaysia and Indonesia and aims to minimize the compatibility problems they may face.

Asian culture and countries have always attracted the attention of the world with its different structure. With its colorful cultural heritage, millions of people visit Asian countries every year and thousands of people decide to settle in these countries. If you are new and ready for a new excitement, our professional colleagues are ready to help you on this new journey.

To learn the language of the country in which you decide to settle; Helping to overcome compliance issues as soon as possible. Our expert staff directs you to the best local language courses in your country.

focus asiatrade-We focus on 
Southeast Asia Trade


As Focus Asia Trade, we advise people who are interested in investing in Asian countries and establishing business, we are in advise, we inform them about the legal procedures they may face by directing them where necessary.

As you know, there are different practices in each country regarding business establishment, work permit and business visa. Asian countries such as Thailand, Singapore, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Indonesia, China, Cambodia, Philippines are attracting billions of dollars worth of foreign investment each year, with political stability, favorable legal conditions, cheap labor force, large existing markets and attractive opportunities.

These include large international companies as well as small, medium-sized companies and private companies.